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by Michael Whalen 2 years ago

The State of Industrial Hemp
in The State of Nevada.

Michael Whalen, President
Nevada Hemp Association

April 27, 2016 Pahrump, Nevada

There are huge opportunities in Nevada for Industrial Hemp.


Comment By Michael Whalen On 1 year ago
There are immediate needs that need to be met, for example: Reversing the green house effect. Even if YOU don't believe in "it" going WAY GREENER is just a better way to treat OUR Planet....And Nevada Hemp will lead the way!
Comment By Michael Whalen On 2 years ago
It's almost Summer time Here in Pahrump, Nevada...And it gets so hot that ....Well, You know. So, as the leaders of Industrial Hemp growing in the State of Nevada,.... We, as The Nevada Hemp Association, will be conducting "Extreme Heat Tolerance " (E.H.T. Tests) with several top certified cultivars at Our 5 acre Industrial Hemp Research Facility here in Pahrump, Nevada. We may burn alot of Hemp this Summer, in the name of research! One of Our goals ls is to find cultivars that can produce well in extreme desert conditions . We would like to harvest two crops per year in Southern Nevada...the climate is perfect!
Comment By Phillip Bowls On 2 years ago
Yes. Just waiting to get started with Our Historic First Crop of Industrial Hemp in the State of Nevada! Excited!